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candied fruit  succade  crystallized fruit  candied  candied cherries
Fruit cooked in sugar syrup and encrusted with a sugar crystals WordNet 3.0
Succade is the candied peel of any of the citrus species, especially from the citron or Citrus medica which is distinct with its extra-thick peel; in addition, the taste of the inner rind of the citron is less bitter than those of the other citrus. Wikipedia
Candied fruit, also known as glacé fruit, is whole fruit, smaller pieces of fruit, or pieces of peel, placed in heated sugar syrup, which absorbs the moisture from within the fruit and eventually preserves it. Wikipedia
The candied peel of the citron, fruit of citrus medica. OmegaWiki
Any fruit that has been preserved by treatment with a sugar syrup and dried. Wiktionary
Candied fruit, fruits. Wiktionary (translation)