BabelNet 5.3 API (for quick start and programmatic access to BabelNet)

BabelNet Java API version 5.3 (December 2023 - Size: 22M)
The BabelNet Java API is a Java binding to our online HTTP RESTful service or can be used with the BabelNet indices. It provides classes, types and methods to work with BabelNet data. If you would rather use the raw HTTP API, please read the HTTP guide.

BabelNet Python API version 1.1.0 (October 2022). The API, developed by Babelscape, provides a full set of classes and methods equivalent to the Java API. Both APIs are compatible with WordAtlas, a professionally-curated version of the multilingual resource developed by Babelscape.

BabelNet 5.3 indices (for offline processing of big data with BabelNet)

Download of offline indices (Size: 45G; because of space and memory requirements we discourage download unless necessary)
If you are a Ph.D. student or a researcher affiliated with a research institution and you need to use the BabelNet indices for your non-commercial research project, please make a request for downloading the indices through the Sapienza NLP resource repository.

IMPORTANT: The email used in your BabelNet account registration must belong to your research institution.
NOTE: Each request is subject to approval and fulfillment is based on the above conditions.