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real property  real estate  realty  immovable  A piece of the rock
Property consisting of houses and land WordNet 3.0
Real estate is property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as growing crops, minerals or water, and wild animals; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this an item of real property, buildings or housing in general. Wikipedia
In English common law, real property, real estate, immovable property or, solely in the US and Canada, realty, refers to parcels of land and any associated structures which are the property of a person. Wikipedia
Land property, especially in the context of buying, selling and renting Wikipedia Disambiguation
A piece of land defined by boundaries to which ownership is usually ascribed, including any improvements on this land Wikipedia Disambiguation
That which can not be moved; something which is immovable. Wiktionary
Property that cannot easily be moved, usually buildings and the ground they are built on. Wiktionary
Property that cannot easily be moved. Wiktionary (translation)
Real estate; a piece of real property; land. Wiktionary
They failed to find any investors for the construction of new real estate on the north side. Wiktionary
It's free real estate. Wiktionary