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A baptismal font is an ecclesiastical architectural element, which serves as a receptacle for baptismal water used for baptism, as a part of Christian initiation for both rites of infant and adult baptism. Wikipedia
In Christian architecture the baptistery or baptistry is the separate centrally planned structure surrounding the baptismal font. Wikipedia
A container for holy water used in the Christian ceremonial of baptism Wikipedia Disambiguation
Large basins or other vessels set in or on the ground or fixed on a pedestal and intended for use in the baptismal rite Wikidata
Separate buildings or parts of buildings containing a font for the baptismal rite Wikidata
Building adjacent to a church or in the church itself, for the baptism of catechumens. OmegaWiki
An article of church furniture or a fixture used for the baptism of children and adults. OmegaWiki
A large basin used for baptism in or near a church. Wiktionary
A basin used for baptism. Wiktionary (translation)
A designated space within a church, or a separate room or building associated with a church, where a baptismal font is located, and consequently, where the sacrament of Christian baptism (via aspersion or affusion) is performed. Wiktionary
Space where a baptismal font is located. Wiktionary (translation)
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