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affection  affectionateness  fondness  tenderness  heart
A positive feeling of liking WordNet 3.0
Philia is one of the four ancient Greek words for love: philia, storge, agape and eros. Wikipedia
Affection or fondness is a "disposition or state of mind or body" commonly linked to a feeling or type of love. Wikipedia
One of the four ancient Greek words for love. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Feeling or type of love Wikidata
A stylized representation of the muscular organ, used as a symbol for affection, in the shape of two top lobes and a tapering bottom. OmegaWiki
An emotion; a feeling or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind. Wiktionary
The state or quality of being affectionate. Wiktionary
A conventional shape or symbol used to represent the heart, love, or emotion: ♥ or sometimes <3. Wiktionary
A shape or symbol. Wiktionary (translation)
The quality of being warmhearted. Wiktionary
He had trouble expressing the affection he felt WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
The child won everyone's heart WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
The warmness of his welcome made us feel right at home WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet