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Vehicle equipped with heavy wide smooth rollers for compacting roads and pavements WordNet 3.0
A road roller is a compactor-type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Wikipedia
A steamroller is a form of road roller – a type of heavy construction machinery used for leveling surfaces, such as roads or airfields – that is powered by a steam engine. Wikipedia
A more generic term for the same vehicle Wikipedia Disambiguation
A vehicle for compacting Wikipedia Disambiguation
A road-building vehicle, originally powered by steam Wikipedia Disambiguation
A form of road roller Wikipedia Disambiguation
Compactor type engineering vehicle Wikidata
A heavy engineering vehicle used to compact asphalt in the construction of roads. OmegaWiki
Heavy engineering vehicle used to compact asphalt. Wiktionary (translation)
A steam-powered heavy road roller. Wiktionary
Steam-powered road roller. Wiktionary (translation)