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rapid transit  mass rapid transit  underground train  El train  Elevated Light Rail
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Rapid transit or mass rapid transit, also known as heavy rail or metro, is a type of high-capacity public transport that is generally built in urban areas. Wikipedia
High-capacity public transport generally found in urban areas Wikipedia Disambiguation
Public transport system in an urban area with high capacity, high frequency not needing timetables, is fast and is segregated from other traffic. Wikipedia Disambiguation
High-capacity public transport generally used in urban areas Wikidata
A train for transportation of people, mostly beneath the surface of the ground, in order to lessen the traffic. OmegaWiki
A commuter rail system that combines aspects of an interurban railway with those of a subway, using a menagerie of pathways such as viaduct, tunnel, beam, cut and cover, trench, at grade, and others. Wiktionary
Commuter rail system. Wiktionary (translation)