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gasoline station  gas station  filling station  petrol station  fueling station
A filling station, also known as petrol station or gas station, is a facility that sells fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles. Wikipedia
A facility for refilling a vehicle with liquid fuel Wikipedia Disambiguation
A gasoline or petrol station Wikipedia Disambiguation
Establishments that primarily sell gasoline, lubricating oils, and other merchandise, such as tires and batteries, for motor vehicles and that often also perform minor repair work Wikidata
A facility selling fuel for road motor vehicles. OmegaWiki
A facility which sells fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles. Wiktionary
Filling station / petrol station; an establishment which sells gasoline (petrol) and diesel. Wiktionary
An establishment which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car. Wiktionary (translation)
A filling station, gas station; a facility selling fuel for road motor vehicles. Wiktionary