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coordinate system  frame of reference  reference system  reference frame  co-ordinate system
A system that uses coordinates to establish position WordNet 3.0
A system that uses coordinates to establish position WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
In geometry, a coordinate system is a system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of the points or other geometric elements on a manifold such as Euclidean space. Wikipedia
In physics and astronomy, a frame of reference is an abstract coordinate system whose origin, orientation, and scale are specified by a set of reference points―geometric points whose position is identified both mathematically and physically. Wikipedia
System for determining the position of a point by a tuple of scalars Wikidata
Abstract coordinate system and the set of physical reference points that uniquely fix the coordinate system and standardize measurement Wikidata
A reference system used to measure horizontal and vertical distances on a planimetric map. A coordinate system is usually defined by a map projection, a spheroid of reference, a datum, one or more standard parallels, a central meridian, and possible shifts in the x- and y-directions to locate x, y positions of point, line, and area features. A common coordinate system is used to spatially register geographic data for the same area. OmegaWiki
A set of axes which enable an observer to measure the position and motion of all bodies in some system relative to the reference frame. Wiktionary
Physics: set of axes. Wiktionary (translation)