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An electric discharge is the release and transmission of electricity in an applied electric field through a medium such as a gas. Wikipedia
An electric spark is an abrupt electrical discharge that occurs when a sufficiently high electric field creates an ionized, electrically conductive channel through a normally-insulating medium, often air or other gases or gas mixtures. Wikipedia
An electric arc, or arc discharge, is an electrical breakdown of a gas that produces a prolonged electrical discharge. Wikipedia
A form of electrical discharge Wikipedia Disambiguation
A flow of current across an insulating medium; especially a hot, luminous discharge between either two electrodes or as lightning. Wiktionary
A discharge of electricity across a gap that causes ionization of the air (or other gas) resulting in a bright, hot plasma. Wiktionary
The flow of electricity through the air or gas. Wiktionary
A short or small burst of electrical discharge. Wiktionary
Burst of electrical discharge. Wiktionary (translation)