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engineering  engineering science  applied science  technology  engineering physics
The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems WordNet 3.0
Engineering physics, or engineering science, refers to the study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, particularly computer, nuclear, electrical, electronic, aerospace, materials or mechanical engineering. Wikipedia
Applied science is the use of the scientific method and knowledge obtained via conclusions from the method to attain practical goals. Wikipedia
The study of technology Wikipedia Disambiguation
Branch of science Wikidata
Study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics and combined with engineering studies in computer, electrical, materials or mechanical engineering Wikidata
Science whose results are employed in technical applications. OmegaWiki
Systematic knowledge of industrial processes and their application. OmegaWiki
The science by which the properties of matter and the sources of power in nature are made useful to humans in structures, machines, and products. OmegaWiki
The application of mathematics and the physical sciences to the needs of humanity and the development of technology. Wiktionary
All the different and usable technologies developed by a culture or people. Wiktionary
He had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet