package documentation

BabelNet Python API

Module about Information about BabelNet Python API.
Module api This module sets the api type (RPC/ONLINE/OFFLINE). It also contains the list of functions implemented by the BabelNet API.
Package apis This module contails the abstract and real implementations of the api.
Module conf The configuration hub for the BabelNet API.
Package data This package contains the classes of the BabelSynsets components.
Package indices This module contains the implementation of the indexes
Package iterators This module contains the iterators
Module language This module contains the Language enum.
Module pos This module contains the POS enum.
Module remote_server Module that contains the function to start the RPC server
Module resources This module contains classes of ResourceID's related to BabelNet.
Module sense This module defines BabelSenses and related data.
Module synset This module defines BabelSynsets and related data.
Module tag_utils This module contains some utils for tags
Module versions This module contains version data.
Module _impl This module contains enumerations used in the _index module.
Module _restful This module handles the RESTful communication of the online BabelNet API.
Module _utils A BabelNet utility module. Mainly for internal use.